Agate.           A member of the Chalcedony family.

*  These readily available stones are often overlooked for healing. This family of stones has many cousins to assist us in this task. They are formed from microscopic crystals of quartz laid down in bands, creating a very stable crystal.

*  All Agates strengthen the effect of other stones.

*   Agates are grounding stones, they help you to obtain a better physical, emotional and intellectual balance.

*   They strengthen the mind and body, as well as stabilize the aura by eliminating and transforming negative energies.

*   Agates have the power to harmonize Yin and Yang.

*   They help discern the truth, as well as work to raise consciousness and lead us to accept ourselves more by building self confidence. Agate eases depression.

*   Agate is a powerful healing stone when used in conjunction with the chakra colour system.

*   They are also an aid to digestion.

*   In historic times it was placed in water for use in cooking and for drinking in order to dispel sickness. (Colour enhanced agates should not be used for this purpose).

*   Vibrates to the number 7.

 Available as;

tumble stones    solid ends    geodes    slices    pyramids    balls       

Agate Slice

Agate Slice - Pink, approx 18cm wide and 15cm wide.
Includes stand.
AUD $30.00 inc. GST

Agate Slice

Agate Slice - approx 15.5cm x 11cm.
Includes stand.
AUD $17.27 inc. GST

Agate Slice

Agate Slice - approx 17cm wide and 16cm high. Includes stand.
AUD $33.18 inc. GST

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