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An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones

An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones by Ron and Sue Windred

This book offers a clear-cut introduction to crystals – what they are; how to choose and look after them; how to identify them and their primary uses.

Throughout history man has used the power of crystals. Most ancient cultures have held crystals as sacred objects and have used them in ceremony, for meditation, to clarify thoughts and to help with healing. Today crystals are integrated into our modern technologies; they are used in communications, computers, medical and laser technologies, yet they retain their appeal as magical talismans.

From the authors:
“We wrote An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones in response to the many questions we received regarding the fundamentals of obtaining and caring for crystals and the basic understandings for their use in healing.”

AUD $18.17 inc. GST

Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

This book offers a comprehensive guide to all the crystals known to man, their shapes, colours and applications. It aims to be useful to the beginner and expert alike, using a directory format which makes the crystals easily identifiable. The descriptions accompanying each of the crystals provide information on their appearance, worldwide distribution, attributes, actions and healing properties required to unleash their unlimited potential. All the major and lesser-known stones currently available are featured, including those only recently discovered.

From the Author:
"I wrote The Crystal Bible in response to many requests for an easy-to-use crystal directory which would introduce people to the power of crystals. It was specially designed to help readers identify crystals and their particular properties." - Judy Hall.
AUD $27.26 inc. GST

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