Divination with Crystals

Crystals vibrate with energy that many of us can see or feel. The wisdom and knowledge deep within stones can be accessed and the energy used to guide us in our daily life. Crystals can be used to answer questions and to help make decisions.

The use of crystals and stones to see into the future and to determine the answers to questions has a long history within many cultures. Many methods of divination have been used over the centuries to discover answers to questions about life and the future, for example, Pendulum Divination, Rune Divination, Oracle Card Divination and Rune Divination.

Following are some ways you can use crystals or gemstones for divination.

Try this quick divination method where a yes or no answer to your question will suffice.

  1. Put 13 stones in a bag - hold and gently shake the bag while thinking of the question.
  2. When you are ready close your eyes open the bag and quickly pull out some stones.
  3. Open your eyes. If you have an odd number of stones in your hand the answer is ‘no’. If you have an even number of stones in your hand the answer is ‘yes’.

Another quick method is to place the stones below into a bag. Concentrate on your question – and then pick out a stone at random; then look at the meaning associated with it to find your answer. Should two or three crystals fall into your hand, read all the meanings together to get your answer.

A Three stone reading for a question that needs more than a yes or no answer.

Take one of each of the stones below, cleanse them and place them in a bag (preferably linen or felt). With all stones in the bag, shuffle them around a bit, close your eyes, and think of the question you want answered and take out three stones, one at a time.

1. Take out the first stone and place it in front of you.
2. Take out the second stone and place it to the right of the first stone.
3. Take out the third stone and place it to the right of the second stone.
4. The first stone is your recent past, the second stone is the present, and the third stone is the near future.
5. Think about the three stones together.

It is often a good idea to keep a written record of the questions, chosen stones, and the interpretation and answers, and review this in a few weeks.

Gemstone meanings applied in divination.

Amethyst is connected with magic, mysticism, spiritual &/or past lives.
Apache Tear is connected with transformation, such as releasing negative energy.
Blue Lace Agate is connected with peace, understanding &/or patience.
Carnelian is connected with personal power and growth.
Citrine is connected with travel, communication &/or success.
Clear Quartz crystal connected with your health. Crystal is related to your Guardian Angels.
Garnet is connected with anger, confrontations, change, passion &/or sexual energy. Green Aventurine is connected with money, prosperity, growth, personal goals &/or career.
Hematite is connected with wisdom, knowledge &/or simplicity.
Moonstone is connected with innocence &/or clear thinking.
Rose quartz is connected with love, friendship, relationships, joy &/or family.
Smoky Quartz is connected with stability, personal responsibility &/or inner resources. Sodalite is connected with protection, sleep, healing, fidelity, dreaming &/or intuition.

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