Crystal Points - Polished Points

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Black Obsidian Obelisk

Black Odsidian Obelisk - Approx 7 cm high

AUD $21.82 inc. GST

Calcite Polished Point

Calcite Polished Point - Approx 7 cm high

Calcite cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy. Calcite calms the mind, combats laziness.

AUD $22.73 inc. GST

Fluorite Polished Point

Fluorite Polished Point 

Approx 6.5 cm high

Fluorite balances and advances the mind and increases concentration. It has a stabilizing influence on all levels and is a calming stone. Fluorite strengthens memory and ability to concentrate.

AUD $83.64 inc. GST

Green Aventurine Obelisk

Green Aventurine Obelisk - Approx 11cm high

Green Aventurine clears, activates, harmonizes and protects the heart chakra. It is an all round healer bringing in well-being and emotional calm. 

AUD $67.27 inc. GST

Rose Quartz Polished Point

Rose Quart polished point. Approx 7cm high and 3.5cm wide at the base.

AUD $55.45 inc. GST

Rose Quartz Polished Point

Rose Quartz polished point with a flat bottom. Approx 5cm high and 2cm wide, a beautiful piece of Rose Quartz.

AUD $17.73 inc. GST

Quartz Polished Point - Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Polished Oblisk. Approx 9.5cm high. 

One Only

AUD $65.45 inc. GST

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