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Crystal Workshop - One Day Workshop

$570.00 inc GST

Living With Crystals Private Tuition    

De-Stress and Improve the Quality Of Your Life Using Crystals…


Learn The Ways To Better Health, Vitality and Energy and Stress Free Living.

Want to learn how to live and enjoy a better life?

A life that’s full of love, energy and healthy vitality. ‘Living Better’ and creating the dynamic life you want to live?
The beneficial energy of crystals really can bring about a new and zestful vitality for you and help create the energy in your home that makes it a real joy to live in!!!

Living With Crystals Workshop...A Personalised Workshop

A practical one day class/workshop exploring and discovering the benefits and magic that is available to us through the use of crystals in our daily lives and environments. 

We will de-mystify and simplify the everyday use of crystals to help you relax, to improve your health and energy levels and to enhance and protect the energy of your personal environments.

Presented by us, Ron and Sue Windred from right here at MyCrystalaura.

Contact us to make arrangements for your personal class

Full address details are provided with your booking. 

Private tuition fee is $627.  In return for full payment with your booking we will gift you a $50.00 bonus voucher to spend on any crystals of your choice at the end of the class.

Held at ‘Akasha Keep’ Healing and Teaching Centre, Lowood, Qld (1 hr west of central Brisbane) 
(Arrangements can be made for a different venue, or to be conducted over Skype).

To Enrol on-line, use the buy button or Phone 07 5427 9618 to secure your place.

Enquiries &/or booking may be made at

This class/workshop is built upon practical, easy to learn and time proven techniques.


— You will learn about crystal grids for energy enhancement and protection, using pendulums, energy balancing, dealing with EMF’s and other negative energies, choosing programming and cleansing crystals, putting together a crystal first aid kit, personal energy balancing and using crystals to improve your daily life.  

— A lot of information and learning will be covered on the day; however because of the methods employed you will find the day not only very educational, but fun, easy, and comfortable to complete.

— The day starts at 9.30am and should finish at 4pm. Due to interactions on the day it may not finish on time; please allow extra time at the end of the day for such contingencies. Our habit though is to start and finish on time. (Different start and finish times may be negotiated).

— Morning and afternoon refreshments are provided, and of course a lunch break, BYO lunch. If you can stay on a little longer after the class you are most welcome to join us for a further cuppa and chat.

— Your day will commence with a smudging ceremony and quiet time or meditation. We have found this adds to the cohesiveness of the day and is conducive to improved learning. Apart from that, it is just a nice way to start the day.

white sage


What can I expect on the day

—You can expect a day of intensive learning, but with our teaching technique you should find it very manageable and enjoyable. The day will be presented in four segments with a reasonable break in between. Light refreshments will be available in the breaks.
















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