Health Products

Health Products

Colloidal Minerals

Organic Colloidal Minerals - 500 ml
AUD $36.32 inc. GST

Magnesium Colloid

High Purity Magnesium Colloid - 500 mls
AUD $36.32 inc. GST

Selenium Colloid

High Purity Selenium Colloid - 500 mls
AUD $36.32 inc. GST

Himalayan Crystal Salt - 125g shaker

AUD $4.95 inc. GST

Himalayan Salt - 250 grams fine ground

AUD $7.95 inc. GST

Himalayan Salt and Herb Grinder

AUD $8.95 inc. GST

Solay Salt Chunks

Nirvana Organics™   Himalayan Crystal Salt

Salt as Nature Intended. 
Naturally Rich in Minerals & Trace Elements. 
Renowned to contain 84 essential to life & good health.

500 grams of Himalayan Salt Chunks for making Solé. 

Also ideal for cooking and table use.

AUD $12.00 inc. GST

Granular Salt

Granular Himalayan Crystal Salt 250 grams

AUD $7.95 inc. GST

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