Incense Burners

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Wooden Ash Catcher

Wooden Ash Catcher – approx 25.5cm long and 3.5cm wide.

Used for holding and burning incense sticks.

Colour and designs may vary. 
AUD $1.36 inc. GST

Wooden Box Incense Holder

Wooden box incense holder approx 12" long.

This beautiful box is for burning incense sticks or incense cones without all the mess. You can close the lid while they are burning and all the ash will fall in the box.

Colour and designs may vary from the one in the photo.

AUD $10.00 inc. GST

Wooden Cone Holder

Wooden Cone Holder – approx 10cm long.

Designed for burning incense incense cones without all the mess.

Colours and designs may vary.
AUD $4.09 inc. GST

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