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Inner Alchemy - Create Your Own Destiny Guided Meditations

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Inner Alchemy

Create Your Own Destiny

Be the master of your own destiny. Create the future you deserve. Use this CD to create the changes you desire for a more fulfilling and loving life. Create success, love and happiness, all that is truly your very own destiny.

With powerful subliminal frequencies to aid the creative forces within you, and words to guide you on your quest, you can create the picture of your future self and what you wish to manifest.

This CD contains a unique blend of music, hypno/suggestions, trance-inducing frequencies and subliminal messages to help you access your sub-conscious more easily and create the “alchemical” changes you desire. Alchemy is the process when base metals were changed into gold, but in its mystical sense means changes from conscious to a super-conscious state.

Powerful and effective, Inner Alchemy is the program where YOU become the creator to your own destiny.

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