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Inner Alchemy - Inner Child Guided Meditations

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Inner Alchemy

Connect to your Inner Child

Professionally guided hypnotic meditation by Mary Rodwell RN

Do you ever feel perhaps little numb, not quite alive? Have you forgotten the excitement and joy of being a child, when the days where always one long beautiful adventure? Rediscover your youth and appreciation for all that is life. Release any energy blocks within your body, and connect back to the very essence of your sole.

This CD contains a unique blend of music, hypno/suggestions, trance-inducing frequencies and subliminal messages to help you access your sub-conscious more easily and create the “alchemical” changes you desire. Alchemy is the process when base metals were changed into gold, but in its mystical sense means changes from conscious to a super-conscious state.

Powerful and effective, Inner Alchemy is the program where you can reconnect to your inner child.

Music composed and directed by David Sandercock B, Mus, (Hons), L Mus.

Vocals By Mary Rodwell RN, counsellor and hypnotherapist.

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