Massage Wands

Crystal Wand Healing Methods:

Crystal wands can be used in several methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body and aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body, or on a particular chakra. They can be used to scan the aura and the chakras to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them.

The healing abilities of crystal wands are greatly expanded when programmed with intent. When using a wand it is important to consciously allow Universal Healing energy to flow in through your Crown Chakra and down your arm to the wand. 

Crystal wands are very tactile and versatile! Hold one when you need to focus or clear your mind.

Wands can also be used in massage healing. Massaging the body with a crystal wand helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the stone's healing energy is transferred to the body. Smooth, round wands that are rounded on at least one end are the best to use in massage healing as they will not scratch or cause other discomfort to the body.

Pointed wands are good to use in reflexology—a healing method in which the stone's point is held on certain pressure points, mostly on the hands and feet, to heal ailments in particular areas of the body.

If you are after a particular wand, let us know and we will see if we can get it for you and at the right price of course.

Green Aventurine Wand

Green Aventurine Wand - Approx 10cm

Green Aventurine clears, activates, harmonizes and protects the heart chakra. It is an all round healer bringing in well-being and emotional calm. Green Aventurine balances male/female energies.

AUD $22.73 inc. GST

Lapis Lazuli Massage Wand

Lapis Lazuli Massage Wand - Approx 10.5cm long

Lapis Lazuli expands awareness and intellect and enhances psychic abilities. Protective, helps overcome depression and encourages creative expression.

AUD $52.73 inc. GST

Rose Quartz Massage Wand

Rose Quartz Massage Wand - Approx 9cm long

A stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for healing the heart and heart chakra. Using Rose Quartz helps you to give and receive unconditional love as well as seeing the beauty in all things. Romantic Rose Quartz attracts love.

AUD $26.82 inc. GST

Smoky Quartz Wand

Smoky Quartz Wand - Approx 10cm

Smokey Quartz dispels negativity and dispels emotional blocks. Balances, grounds and protects. Smokey Quartz is a superb antidote to stress. Lifts depression and brings calmness.

AUD $30.00 inc. GST

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