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                                                                                                                 October 2009


In this Newsletter: - A special event invitation, Announcement of the next meditation course, October Specials, New Products, Inspirational quote, Stone of the month – Opal, Article -  About Spiritual Sky Oils, Tips for using crystals - Crystals in your Garden, Carnelian Healing Grid and a couple of tips for using Spiritual Sky oils.

Hello, as I was sitting down to prepare the content for this newsletter Sue came in and said we had just received an email from our friend Lynn 'Dream Dancer' Guy asking us if we would like to have “The World Drum” visit. We got to know Lynn when she has visited us to conduct some of our Healing Drum making workshops. Once we found out a little more about it we said we would love to have it come and visit us, and now you are being invited to join us also.

The World Drum Project is all about uniting the world in a call to save our environments and ultimately to save ourselves. Founded in a shamanic view of life, the aim is to bring attention to the critical situation for Mother Earth – The web of life is coming undone and will bring catastrophic consequences.

Starting from Whitecougar's vision and participation between several people, The World Drum has been created by Birger Mikkelsen, the Sami medicine man and drum maker, and sent on a spiritual journey to participate in worldwide ceremonies. And two of these will be held at Akasha Keep, Lowood, Qld on the 12th November: One at 2pm and another at 7pm. 

The aim is that through ceremony and participation, people may awaken to the plight of Mother Earth and humanity, and wake from their lethargy and indifference. People need to see that we have to make drastic actions to reduce and stop pollution and poisoning. We need a bountiful harvesting of resources, today we “shit in our own nest” and ruthlessly exploit all of natures resources.

Scientific facts, signs and tendencies in nature are all pointing to an accelerating catastrophe.

A call has gone out for all environmental organizations, groups and people who want a better world, to cooperate and unite their force by participating in ceremony and then drawing attention to this plight.

The thought behind the project is that the participant brings attention to the critical situation for Mother Earth. There is striving to keep the drum in motion – riding on a wave of force. This includes a strategic and further view than just until the next ceremony. It will weave a thread throughout the world, which will bind us together in dynamic cooperation for a better world.

So far more than 25 countries have been visited since the drum started its journey from Norway.

We hope that by informing you about this project and inviting you to participate, you will gain a spiritual view on the most important struggle in our lifetime, the struggle for our own life as humankind.

The vision behind the project is to bind people together across borders, distance, race and religion in a common struggle for Mother Earth. As the drum travels from people to people, from land to land and from hand to hand its heartbeat will get stronger each day. It is a wakeup call for us to reinstate our spiritual relationship to Mother Earth. As we move further and further away from nature, we have lost this relation and look at nature as something we must fight, exploit and destroy. It is important for us to understand that without Mother Earth and all that lives on her, there is no humankind. We are dependent on her!

If you want to be a part of this vision, or if you are just curious, or you would just like to participate on the day, or perhaps you would just like to meet The World Drum, then please let us know and we will hold a spot(s) for you. Please let your friends know that they are welcome also.

Numbers will have to be limited, so bookings will be essential and you will need to bring a seat. You are welcome to stay for supper afterwards, so please bring a plate, tea and coffee will be provided. Funding for this event will be by donation.

One day Meditation Course. Learn the basics of meditation in just one day on Saturday the 14th November, at our place Akasha Keep in Lowood Qld.

Once you have learnt to meditate properly, it is a skill you can take with you and use for the rest of your life. It provides you with many benefits, amongst them, it allows you to gain instant relaxation for the release of stress, the ability to reach and communicate with your “higher self” and guides, and the beneficial flow of grace or healing power for your personal and spiritual growth and healing.

If you would like to be part of this next group, or to know more, contact us at or phone; 07 54279618.

The cost for the course is $120.00; places are limited, so get in and book your spot now.

Special Offers.

As usual these specials are available until the next newsletter.

A package deal on the Crystal Bibles volumes 1 & 2 purchased together for just $54.95. This is exclusive to existing customers and to access this special you will need to go through this link. You will save $5.00.

A free Spiritual Sky Oil with your purchase of any six Spiritual Sky Oils. Just tell us which one you want free in the additional information box when placing your order.

Buy the full range of seven different colours of Crackle Quartz and we will give you a free Clear Quartz and an organza bag to keep them in. These make an ideal introductory Chakra Balancing Kit, with a $4.00 bonus for FREE. Use this link for your Free bonus.

New Products.

Amethyst Geodes, these geodes are exceptional value and are not expected to stay around for too long.

Large Quartz Cluster, this is quite a unique piece. It would make an outstanding display and provide a magnificent energy boost to its environment.

Platonic Solids Sets these quality natural crystal sets presented in a wooden case, are also useful in healing lay outs as representatives for their individual elements.

Crackle Quartz is pure Quartz crystal that has been super heated and then dyed to give it vibrant colours. Children especially love the bright colours of Crackle Quartz. Using all the colours of Crackle Quartz you can make an inexpensive Chakra Kit for children.

Base Chakra – Red, Sacral Centre – Orange, Solar Plexus – Yellow, Heart – Green or Pink, Throat – Blue, Third Eye – Purple, Crown – Clear Quartz.

By using Crackle Quartz you are getting all the properties of Clear Quartz as well as the beneficial effects of the colour.

Inspirational Quote for the month.

Treat the earth well, it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.

Stone of the month.

For all those born in the month of October, your Birthstone is Opal.

Opal is a hardened silica gel, containing between 4 -21% water by weight. Therefore it is non-crystalline, unlike most other gemstones.  There are two varieties; precious opal, which shows flashes or plays of colour or iridescence, and there is common opal which is often opaque and displays no iridescence. When common opal is found in association with precious opal it is known as potch. Opals occur in a great range of colours and varieties. It is amorphous in structure, (without form) with a trigonal crystal structure and has a chemical composition of SiO2.nH2O.

Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances the imagination and creativity. It helps you release inhibitions and enhances the memory. It is also said to be a very spiritual stone, and can help you be "invisible" in situations where you don't care to be noticed. It has been known to bring happy dreams, and also to ease the process of change. 

Opal is a silicate containing water and correlates with the emotions; it clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love and passion). With this comes less inhibition, more spontaneity, free visualization, clearer imagination, and more vivid dreams.

The opal has developed a myth as a stone of sorrow, misfortune and bad luck. This though is a modern and false idea.  In fact Opal has a reputation for bringing good luck and fortune. The opal contains all of the colours as well as all of the qualities of all other stones and as such, may be programmed or dedicated for many purposes as required.

Use to facilitate astral projection as well as for protection. Opals are used to recall past incarnations, and are favoured by many to develop psychic and mystical powers. 

Wearing opal will bring your inner beauty to the surface, and is said to bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity. It encourages putting out positive emotions.

Opal is known to strengthen the will to live.  It is linked to the heart and is said to stimulate the glands and regulate the metabolism. Treats infections, fevers and strengthens the memory. It is beneficial to the eyes. Opal has a favourable effect on the human psyche, pouring a warm healing energy on broken hearts and restoring harmony.

About Spiritual Sky Oils.

Since ancient times mankind has used distilled essences to create beautiful fragrances for varied purposes. As demand has grown, natural resources have become limited and as a result natural oils have increased in value enormously. Some now exceed $12,000 per kg! Most manufacturers closely guard the secret recipes of exactly which combinations of natural, nature identical and manufactured oils are used in their products. Entirely natural products are – as the name suggests – entirely natural. Nature identical products are generally manufactured from a combination of natural products none of which may be related in any way to the fragrance that they eventually imitate. Manufactured products frequently comprise a combination of both natural/nature identical and man-made compounds.

Spiritual Sky oils have been bottled in Australia since 1973, initially in central NSW, moving to a S.E. Queensland location in recent years.

They are proud to continue the traditions of the world’s great fragrance houses and source their oils from many different manufacturers in Australia and throughout the world. Each of their perfumed oils has been subjected to rigorous testing for fragrance and quality before they accept it as being worthy of their customers.

Whilst they are unable to reveal the exact ingredients list of the products (we have been unable to convince our suppliers to share their secrets with us) they can confidently assure our valued customers that all their oils are of the finest quality, bottled with pride and care right here in S.E. Queensland. Some of the oils (for example Patchouli) are, in fact, a completely natural product (100% essential oil). Others, such as Patchouli Amber, contain a very small percentage of nature identical oil and are up to 95% natural.

We are sure you will get much enjoyment from these outstanding perfumed oils and we look forward to continuing the tradition of supplying a quality product for many years to come.

Crystal Tips and Techniques.

Have you tried using Crystals in your Garden?

To help an ailing plant, try facing a clear quartz point toward it, and placed within its drip line. Or place crystals (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Sodalite, or other gemstones) in a circle around the plant. To give the roots and the rest of the plant a helping hand, stick part of the crystal into the soil about 2 inches away from the main stalk. If there is a specific limb or branch that needs more healing, wrap the crystal directly to the branch with some old stocking or panty hose. Leave the crystals in place until health is restored, maybe two weeks or longer depending on the condition.

Use broken pieces of Quartz or other crystal underneath your plants. The quartz energy is very grounding for the plants, and the darker crystals help keep garden pests away. Try dark stones such as Onyx or Obsidian underneath tomato plants. Eating crystal-energized fruits and vegetables is especially delectable!

Crystals placed in with potted plants gives them an extra edge by providing a natural energy boost that encourages extra flourish and bloom.

Enhance your special flowering plants, such as Orchids and make them more attractive by placing crystals into their containers.

Watering with a crystal elixir is almost as good as using a liquid fertiliser. By mixing them together you give your plants an energy lift as well as feeding them their needed nutrients.

Put some elixir into a spay bottle and use to mist your indoor plants and perk them up. They will appreciate it as much as you do when you mist your own aura.

Experience the Benefits of the Carnelian Healing Grid.

This Carnelian Healing Grid or Crystal Layout is particularly beneficial for repairing the body, especially for helping to release deep trauma.

Sometimes this grid can cause old pains and symptoms to resurface before they can be removed from the body.

You will need 9 Carnelian tumble stones and an orange cloth to lie on. If you do not have an orange cloth, lie on a white cloth.

Place one carnelian at the top of the head and one at either side of the body at the level of the navel. Place another stone at the base of the throat. Place one on the sacral centre.

Place four more stones on the outside of the legs, two at mid-calf level and the other two near the ankles.

Relax in this position for five minutes. You may remain for up to thirty minutes if you wish to. You can use this regularly, or until you no longer feel the need.

A couple of tips for using Spiritual Sky oils.

We use a dab of Amber oil placed on the inside of the wrist to ground students at the end of a days training and often at the completion of a healing session. Try it yourself when you feel in need of grounding, or just to enjoy its wonderful fragrance.

A little bit of Frankincense oil placed over your heart chakra will help to dispel and also protect you from negative energies. Sue often uses this when she has to go to a party or a large social gathering and finds it very handy when in shopping centres.

Facebook fan page.

Become a fan on Facebook. In the future we will provide some special privileges for fan-page members. It is also another valuable way of keeping in touch with what’s going on.

Good vibrations and all the best,

Ron & Sue Windred.

P.S. We hope you can join us and the World Drum on the 12th. Please invite your friends and remember to book your places, or phone; 07 54279618.

P.P.S. Have you wanted to learn to meditate for some time now? The class on the 14th November will be your last chance to do so with us this year.

P.P.P.S. Crystal Bibles volumes 1 & 2 could make wonderful Christmas presents.

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this website are for inspiration and reference. These properties are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.





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