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Solay Salt Chunks

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500 grams of Himalayan Salt Chunks for making Solé 

Watch our video on How to make Solé (Solay), using Himalayan Salt.

Nirvana Organics™   Himalayan Crystal Salt

• Salt as Nature Intended 

• Naturally Rich in Minerals & Trace Elements. 

• Renowned to contain 84 elements identical to those originally found existing in the ‘primal ocean’.

• Our body fluids, which make up approximately 70% of our weight, contain almost the same ratio of elements as seawater. 

Born of Tibetan glaciers, the Indus River runs a course through the pristine valleys of Kashmir. For a total of 3200 kilometers, the river feeds the ecosystem of temperate forests, plains and countryside.

On the banks of the river, high in the Himalayan foothills, lies the village of Wanda Kukranwala. It was here, in the time of Alexander the Great, that mankind first discovered ‘the finest quality crystal salt on earth’. The crystal salt found here was so pure that it was used as local currency – nature’s ‘white gold’.

Today you and your body can benefit from the ‘salt of life’ that nature has provided.

Nirvana Organics Himalayan Crystal Salt was formed about 250 million years ago when the energy of the sun dried a primal ocean. The ocean bed was thrust skywards by tremendous geological forces as the mighty Himalaya took shape. The pure veins of crystal salt lay locked away – waiting to be unearthed. 

Nirvana Organics Himalayan Crystal Salt is much more than just rock, salt or sea salt processed in modern times. It is a complete food, identical in composition to the primal ocean itself. 

Salt as nature intended and renowned to contain 84 minerals and trace elements found naturally in the human body, essential for life and good health. Due to the salt’s remarkable crystalline structure, the elements are available in minute particles (colloidal size) and can easily be absorbed by human cells and metabolised.

Nirvana Organics Himalayan Crystal Salt is selected from one of the few regions in the world where salt is still hand mined, hand picked and stone ground. It takes time, but with the crystals intact, you are assured of the most beneficial, mineral rich salt available.

Please enjoy this tremendous product – Good health to you from Nirvana Organics™ and My Crystalaura®  

Also ideal for cooking and table use



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